General Information

The Tribune and Courier are both complete digital issues of the printed versions of each paper.  The Courier is the free shopper published Mondays and the Tribune is the subscriber based newspaper published Saturdays.

Why go Online

Fast, easy downloads – anytime, any where!  Interactive links, color ads and color photographs add to the online experience.

About the Digital Paper

The online paper is a digital pdf document that is ready to download at the click of a mouse.  Acrobat Reader is needed to open and read the paper and is available free by going to or by clicking here.  The amount of time required to download each digital file varies dependent upon the internet connection speed provided to your computer.

Features of a pdf digital paper:

  • Each document is searchable – enter a name, city, page number, etc., into the search field and the document will locate that the page that contains that information and will continue searching the entire paper if the first found search wasn’t what you were looking for.  Just keep pressing the enter/return button after each found search with the word(s) you’re looking for.
  • You can easily resize the document in your reader window by using the + or – signs at the top of your menu bar.
  • Page up and down with the Up Arrow or the Down Arrow – or click on the Pages Icon on the left hand bar to open the sidebar panel which display all the pages within the document.  There you can simply click on any page to navigate to it.
  • In time, advertisers will have the ability to have live links embedded into each paper providing you with the ability to quickly gain access to that advertiser’s website, contact information and the like.  Interactive communications directly from you to them.

Accessing the Digital Paper

You can access the papers at any time by navigating to this site at  Bookmarking this page in your browser makes it easy to pull up at a moments notice.

For added convenience, you may also have the current issues sent directly to your email’s inbox by signing up for the Email Notifier in the upper left corner of the web page.  If you should find that you are not receiving the email notification when signed up for this service, be sure to check your spam filter and approve/grant access to this site’s URL.

Downloading the Digital Paper

To begin the download process, simply click on the link titled “Download”.  Different browsers and different computer platforms will process the download in slightly different ways, but basically the download will begin on it’s own.  You may be asked where you would like to store, save or target the file to – any easy access location is fine; desktop, documents folder, etc – whichever is the preferred location which has most likely been established in your favorite browser’s preferences.

  • Mac/Safari users:  After clicking on the download link, the pdf file will begin to automatically open in a new browser window.  Once the download completes the digital pdf file can be saved in the desired location as indicated in the navigation window.
  • Mac/Firefox users:  After clicking the download link a dialgue box will pop up asking if you would like to open or save the file.  Check Save File, and then check the box to “automatically do this for files like this from now on” if you’d like all future downloads to automatically save.
  • Windows XP/Explorer:  After clicking the download link, a dialogue box will appear asking what you would like to do with the file – choose Save.  The next dialogue box will allow you to choose the preferred location to save the digital paper.  Choose the preferred location and press Save.
  • Windows Vista/Explorer:  After clicking the download link, the pdf file will begin to automatically open in a new browser window.  Once completed, go to File in the upper left hand menu bar, select Save As in the drop down menu that appears and then navigate to the location preferred to save the dgital paper.

The Password

Each week a new and unique password will be mailed directly to your preferred email.  Please contact us if your email address needs to change at any point in time.  Phone 788-3281 or email us at

The download link to the current issue is posted by 8 am on Saturday for the Tribune.  When you click on the download link, the processes for downloading and saving the file will begin without the password.  It is when the digital pdf file is opened to read that a prompter will display asking for the current password.

Forgot your password?  Contact us at 788-3281 or email us at

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to the Tribune is just a phone call away.  We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover cards for fast, convenient registration.  Or, for the good old fashioned method, checks and money orders are recommended by mail.
701-788-3281 • PO Box 567, Mayville ND 58257

Online Subscription Rates

One year subscription:  $30
Six month subscription:  $20
Combo Rate:  Add $15 to the one year print rate; $10 to the six month print rate:

  • Printed Paper Subscription Rates
    Traill, Steele, Cass & Grand Forks counties
    : One year – $36, six months – $28
    Other areas in USA: one year – $42, six months- $32
    Seasonal address changes: One year- $42
    Overseas/Out of USA: One year – $48
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